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Title: Socially responsible investment as a factor in the balanced development of enterprises
Other Titles: Соціально-відповідальне інвестування як фактор збалансованого розвитку підприємств
Authors: Demianchuk, Maryna A.
Дем'янчук, Марина Афанасіївна
Демьянчук, Марина Афанасьевна
Kotlubai, Viacheslav
Redina, Yevheniia
Котлубай, Вячеслав
Редіна, Євгенія
Citation: Institutional development mechanisms of the financial system of the national economy: collective monograph. Batumi: Publishing House “Kalmosani”, 2020.
Issue Date: 2020
Keywords: людські ресурси
фінансування людських ресурсів
проблем соціального інвестування бізнесу
методи ефективності соціальних інвестицій
Abstract: One of the most important socio-economic determinants of enhancing the development of any country, the key to its success is the quality of human resources: education, intelligence, professional experience, social mobility, as well as the ability to innovate in professional activities and social life. The current stage of development of society requires increased attention to social investment as a targeted investment of resources in the development of the social sphere in order to obtain a useful social effect in the future. Therefore, the aim of the work is to determine the interdependence of the levels of social responsibility of the enterprise and the ways of making social investments in order to achieve balanced development. The analysis of the activities and reporting of medium and large enterprises of Ukraine, providing services in various fields of economic activity, revealed the impact of social investments on the amount of income. And banking structures of various forms of ownership are socially responsible in their activities, and some of them cooperate with charitable foundations, among which there are own ones. Therefore, on the basis of the conducted studies, a model of the interdependence of the levels of enterprise social responsibility and ways of making social investments in order to achieve balanced development is built.
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