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Title: Selection of criteria for key performance indicators by the matrix method
Authors: Lagodiienko, Volodymyr
Malanchuk, Marina
Haivoronska, Inna V.
Sedikov, Denys
Гайворонська, Інна Віталіївна
Гайворонская, Инна Витальевна
Citation: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: key performance indicators
matrix method
project management
Series/Report no.: ;Vo. 10, issue 01.
Abstract: An enterprise for successful competition on the market needs to carry out detailed monitoring of the company's activities in strategic focus, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of management decisions, control the most important financial and nonfinancial performance indicators (KPIs) that are targeted for the company, and whose degree of achievement determines the movement of the enterprise according to a given strategy. . The values of KPI reflect both the business performance in general and the business processes that are considered separately, structural units and human resources. The article proposed matrix method of optimizing the portfolio of products to determine the main KPI. Also, on illustrative practical examples authors suggest Strategic map (fragment) and KPIs matrices of the key employees of a company.
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