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Title: Bifurcation Points Analysis Application in Economic Studies
Authors: Demianchuk, Maryna A.
Maslii, Natalia D.
Skribans, Valerijs
Дем'янчук, Марина Афанасіївна
Маслій, Наталя Дмитрівна
Демьянчук, Марина Афанасьевна
Маслий, Наталья Дмитриевна
Citation: Proceeding ICIBE 2019 Proceedings of the 2019 5th International Conference on Industrial and Business Engineering
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Gross regional product
econometric models
regional analysis
balance of export and import
average monthly salary
educational and medical subventions
Abstract: The article reflects bifurcation points analysis for Ukrainian economy since 2005. Development of Ukrainian economy is atypical both for developed and emerging countries. The case is related with significant changes in politics situation and economic life of Ukraine, including, mass riots, soft revolution, war and annexation of part of the territory. In conditions of instability, the requirements for economists education quality increase. Economists for decision-making must fully understand the situation. The authors of the article shows case study of Ukraine, how to combine traditional mathematical approach and situation observation for analysis of regional development. The research is an example of method of training and practical application of the analysis of the situation in changing conditions.
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