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Title: Adaptation of the logistics system of food industry enterprises in conditions diversification of activities
Authors: Kovtunenko, Kseniya
Filippova, Svetlana
Poberezhets, Olha V.
Kovtunenko, Yuriy
Stepanchenko, Aleksey
Побережець, Ольга Валеріївна
Побережец, Ольга Валерьевна
Citation: Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Logistics system
Food industry enterprises
Series/Report no.: ;№ 27.
Abstract: Under conditions of market position complicated maintenance, the enterprise activity diversification strategy of food industry enterprises, which implementation requires the adaptation of all the enterprise’s systems, becomes especially relevant. The most sensitive from among those systems when diversification is the logistics one that, in spite of changes, aiming to maintain competitive advantages, is functionally expected to minimize costs. The aim of this study is to Identifying both advantages and disadvantages of practical measures for the logistics system adaptation under of food industry enterprise’s activities diversification. In the work was suggested that the optimization of logistics system should be completed by its assessment. Since this system doesn’t operate on its own accord and is part of the company, its assessment should be coordinated with the assessment of the effectiveness of the company in general. In the article was revealed that the typical problem for Ukrainian of food industry enterprises is a misalignment between logistics system and the strategy of the company and it is hard to find ways of solving this problem. In the article are presented main reasons why the logistics system needs to be optimized, including: negative trends in the enterprise, the deterioration of its main activity rations; structural changes; the impact of external factors; substantial changes or adjust in the company strategy. Also, in the article is noted that in practice it is very difficult to get maximum benefit from optimization of logistics system. This is due to the lack of open information flows at Ukrainian of food industry enterprises. Some peculiar information about the enterprise is only obtainable by a limited number of people who usually occupy managerial positions and are not involved in primary processing of information, but only coordinate decisions on the basis of reports that are drawn up by their subordinate workers. In addition, some managers and workers are against any change that significantly slows the process of optimization. A special attention should be paid, under of food industry enterprises activity diversification conditions, to the enterprise’s logistics system adaptation to new circumstances that shall ensure reduction of undesirable extra costs, market positions consolidation, and the customer service quality improvement. Advisable is devoting subsequent studies of the problem of the enterprise logistics system function in the conditions of activity diversification to the resource flows direct adaptation using of foreign and domestic companies’ experience.
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