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Title: Development of Lactobacillus strains composition for enhancing of antagonistic activity against Salmonella enterica
Authors: Gordievskaya, Т. V.
Vasylieva, N. Y.
Ямборко, Анна Валентиновна
Yamborko, Hanna V.
Ямборко, Ганна Валентинівна
Citation: Modern problems of microbiology and biotechnology : intern. conf. of young scientists : materials, 18th - 21st June 2019, Odesa
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: antibiotic
controlling infections
Salmonella enterica
Abstract: Currently, the use of antibiotics for the treatment of most diseases leads to the emergence of the so-called "multiple resistance" in pathogens, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of treatment. Therefore, controlling infections through a nonantibiotic approach is urgently needed. The potential use of Lactobacillus to control typhoid fever represents a promising approach, as it may exert protective actions through various mechanisms. Lactobacilli have a long history of safe use, especially in the dairy industry [3]. Different Lactobacillus strains can function as microbial barriers against * gastrointestinal pathogens through competitive exclusion of pathogen binding, , modulation of the host's immune system, and production of inhibitory compounds, . such as organic acid (e.g., lactic acid and acetic acid), oxygen catabolites (e.g., hydrogen peroxide), proteinaceous compounds (e.g., bacteriocins) and etc [4; 5; 7; 10]. Herewith, the combination of different strains among themselves in different proportions allows to achieve the best result.
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