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Title: I-V characterization of tin oxide nanocrystalline films for optical fiber sensors
Authors: Viter, Roman
Smyntyna, Valentyn A.
Nitsuk, Yu.
Pisco, M.
Consales, M.
Campopiano, S.
Giordano, M.
Cusano, A.
Cutolo, A.
Citation: Українська наукова конференцiя з фiзики напiвпровiдникiв(УНКФН-3)
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Астропринт
Series/Report no.: ;С.347
Abstract: Tin oxide Sn02 is well known as material for gas sensors.Tin oxide is chemically stable for different aggressive chemical pollutants and doesn't change its structure under high temperatures [1].This good features let to fabricate many different sensors, based on tin oxide to different gases.Also tin oxide thin films have been successfully used as transparent conducting electrodes in optical devises [1].Such properties allow thinking about combination of optical and sensitive peculiarities of tin oxide for new applications
Description: Українська наукова конференцiя з фiзики напiвпровiдникiв (3; 2007; Одеса) Тези доповiдей, 17-22 червня 2007 р / Українська наукова конференцiя з фiзики напiвпровiдникiв (3; 2007; Одеса), НАН України , [та iн.] ; гол. ред.: Валентин Андрiйович Сминтина . – Одеса : Астропринт, 2007 .
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