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dc.contributor.authorKusyk, Nataliia L.-
dc.contributor.authorКусик, Наталья Львовна-
dc.contributor.authorКусик, Наталія Львівна-
dc.contributor.authorBahdikian, Susanna V.-
dc.contributor.authorБагдикян, Сусанна Вараздадовна-
dc.contributor.authorБагдік'ян, Сусанна Вараздадівна-
dc.identifier.citationXХXIII International Conference PROBLEMS OF DECISION MAKING UNDER UNCERTAINTIES (PDMU-2019), January 24 – February 1, 2019uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe functions of the management decisions making on the financing of education are provided both by the state (because the most universities are state-owned in Ukraine) and by the higher education institutions (HEI) themselves.uk_UA
dc.subjecthigher education institutions (HEI)uk_UA
dc.subjecteducational servicesuk_UA
dc.titleJustification of the decision making on the financing of education in Ukraineuk_UA
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