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dc.contributor.authorSmyntyna, Valentyn A.
dc.contributor.authorBorschak, V. A.
dc.contributor.authorKutalova, Mariia I.
dc.contributor.authorZatovskaya, N. P.
dc.contributor.authorBalaban, A. P.
dc.contributor.authorКуталова, Марія Іванівна
dc.contributor.authorКуталова, Мария Ивановна
dc.identifier.citationФiзика напiвпровiдникiв, квантова та оптоелектронiка = Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Elecnronics and Optoelectronicsuk
dc.descriptionФiзика напiвпровiдникiв, квантова та оптоелектронiка = Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Elecnronics and Optoelectronics : International Scientific Journal / , Iн-т фiзики напiвпровiдникiв . – 1998 . – На англ. яз.uk
dc.description.abstractThe sensor of optical image on the basis of non-ideal heterojunctions are investigated in detail.In this work,the opportunity to obtain the image in X-rays was investigated. It is established that investigated sensor is sensitive to soft X-ray radiation.Memory and accumulation of a signal at a room temperature,which is characteristic of the sensor at registration of images in visible light,take place for the images obtained in X-ray range,too,which makes it possible to apply such sensor in medicine and
dc.subjectX-ray imageuk
dc.titleSensor based on a non-ideal heterojunction to indicate X-ray imagesuk
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