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Title: Дослідження Волині у південноукраїнській історіографії (XIX - початок XX ст.)
Other Titles: Research of the history of Volynia in historiography of the Southern Ukraine in the XIX - early XX centuries
Authors: Музичко, Олександр Євгенович
Музычко, Александр Евгеньевич
Muzychko, Oleksandr Ye.
Citation: Наукові зошити історичного факультету Львівського університету
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Волинь
Південна Україна
М. Комаров
Д. Дорошенко
М. Смірнов
В . Біднов
М. Істомін
С. Дубков
Southern Ukraine
historical science
Series/Report no.: ;Вип. 19-20.
Abstract: Мета студії—дослідити питання про зв’язки у галузі історичної науки між двома віддаленими одна від одної українських земель: Волині та Південної України. Певні елементи цієї теми наявні у дослідженнях деяких наших попередників, але комплексно тема не розглядалася. У студіях південноукраїнських істориків Волинь фігурувала в історико-краєзнавчих нарисах туристичного типу, загальному контексті досліджень соціяльно-правового устрою Великого князівства Литовського, у працях, спеціяльно присвячених історії Волині, що було відображено і в їх назвах
The purpose of this article is to study the relationship of historical science between two distant Ukrainian lands: Volyn and Southern Ukraine. Volyn and Southern Ukraine are connected by many historical threads, human destinies. Some of the manifestations of interest to the history of Volyn and collaboration with Volyn scientists were in the activities of scientific societies South of Ukraine: Odesa society of history and antiquities, Scientific archival Commission in Yekaterinoslav, Historicalphilological society at Novorossiysky University, the City Museum of antiquities of the province of Kherson in Kherson. An article “Cossack graves in Berestechkoi by Dmytro Doroshenko was published on the pages of the 8th issue of the magazine Scientific archival Commission in Ekaterinoslav in “the Chronicle!. In the article the historian highlighted the history' of the battle and described his impressions about the state of monuments. He visited the battlefield near Berestechko. Historians from Volyn and Southern Ukraine met at archaeological congresses. Volyn was mentioned on the pages of famous works of South Ukrainian historians D. I. Yavomytskyi, M. F. Komar and M.M. Arkas. F. I. Leontovich wrote a work on the history of the legal status o f Jews and peasants in the Ukraine, comparing the Lithuanian statutes and the Pravda of Rus, which is largely based on the study of a Second Volyn Statute and Volyn acts. The work of V. Bidnov in 1908 on the position of the Orthodox Church in the Commonwealth was a master’s thesis, a purely scientific work, although it had small features of the Orthodox worldview. The author evaluated the events from the point of view of the Orthodox, nobility, bourgeoisie and clergy of Volyn. V. Bidnov carefully collected information about the dissatisfaction of the Volyn people with the efforts of Catholics, which were aimed at correcting Volyn. M. P. Smirnov published an article under the title “The fate of the red or Galician Rusi in St. Petersburg in 1860, which he defended as a master’s thesis. He traced the main stages of development of Galicia from Kiev times to 1387, before its accession to Poland. The master’s thesis of the Privat-associate Professor of Novorossiysk University P. A. Ivanov “The historical fate of Volyn land! was devoted to the study of medieval history. Thus, in the studies of southern Ukrainian historians Volyn appeared in historical and ethnographic essays of the tourist type, in the General context of studies of social and legal order of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in the works on the history of Volyn, which is reflected in their names. Despite the fact that only the works of the latter group can be considered a fundamental contribution to the historiography of the Volyn region, all of these groups, the works and the authors have performed an important mission: in a remote Volyn region in the South, they met with local readers and this unique Ukrainian land at first.
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