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Title: Potassium regime of irrigated chernozems in various agrotechnical backgrounds
Authors: Tsurkan, Oksana I.
Burykina, Svetlana
Suhorukova, Galyna S.
Bilanchyn, Yaroslav M.
Piatkova, Alla V.
Leah, Tamara
Цуркан, Оксана Іванівна
Біланчин, Ярослав Михайлович
Цуркан, Оксана Ивановна
Биланчин, Ярослав Михайлович
Citation: Scientific Papers Series Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: ordinary chernozem
southern chernozem
irrigation, fertilizers
potassium regime
Series/Report no.: ;Vol. 18, issue 4.
Abstract: The study analyses the changes of the fractional composition of potassium of the main soils of southern Ukraine – ordinary chernozem and southern chernozem under influence of irrigation and fertilization systems. The research was conducted in two stationary experiments, laid on chernozem ordinary (11-year of crop rotation) and on chernozem south (3-year multifactorial experiment). It is established that under the influence of irrigation in ordinary chernozem the sum of groups of potentially available potassium in a layer of 0-30 cm increases by 40.3 and 57.5% in comparison with rainfed conditions. The content of exchangeable potassium in chernozem usually varies considerably depending on the soil moisture (r = - 0.80). The norm of fertilizers – manure 200 t/ha + N200P200K60, introduced under the basic cultivation of the first crop rotation, in the aftermath after 11th year provides a positive balance of exchangeable potassium in ordinary chernozem even with a decrease in the initial content in 2.1 times. In the southern chernozem, the total amount of potentially available potassium is much lower than in chernozem ordinary: 19.0% in the layer 0-30 cm and from 45.5 to 52.6% with a depth of 120 cm. The distribution of the depth and direction of irrigation and fertilizer systems are similar to those of ordinary chernozem.
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