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Title: Художні варіації образу Чорного моря в ліриці Дмитра Шупти
Other Titles: Artistik variations of an image of the Black sea in the lyriks of Dmitry Shupty
Authors: Ткачук, Олена Єлиферiївна
Tkachuk, Olena Ye.
Ткачук, Елена Елифериевна
Citation: Одеса та Чорне море як літературний простір / ред. Я. Лавський, Н.Малютина. – Білосток-Одеса: PRYMAT, 2018.
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: maritime motifs
concept of impressionistic tendencies
мариністичні мотиви
імпресіоністичні тенденції
Abstract: In the article was reviewed marine motifs and artistic originality of lyrics from Dmitry Shupty. Analyzes the poetry collection „Megin (Middle of the summer),” in which comes out very clearly the image of the Black Sea as the basis of artistic conception of the poet. It was found that the studied work typical use „cosmic” images: sky, moon, sun, earth, clouds, forces of different nature, but they are often subject to the philosophical understanding of the world and warning that people should live in harmony with nature, take care of the ecology of the environment. Landscape paintings often have a philosophical meaning. Contemplation of changes in nature grows into a life experience, all this raises philosophical meditation on the transience of human life, loneliness, conscience, evil and good. The very name of poetry „Book of the Sea” focuses on the author's global vision in the stories of anthropological and natural as a whole. The Book of art in a Dmitry Shubty reception - this is nature, universe, the way of implementation of it. In general, the poetry collection „Megin (Middle of summer)” are a kind of mosaic of impressions, moods and feelings, is a kaleidoscope of pictures in motion, each subsequent poetry is like a continuation of the previous one, reveals a facet of the life of the sea, because of that the poems do not seem the same. We observed plenty of scenery, a variety of them by time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night), they reflect season (spring, summer, autumn, winter), geographic location (bay, estuary, the Black Sea) it show the enormous opportunities for talent of the poet. He, in addition to visual observations of artistic conviction, also uses auditory, tactile, visual and tactile impression. The semantics of the text from author has its own psychological background, philosophy of life, gaining special importance of marine motifs combining with public motifs. Dmitry Shubta often builds his texts circulated parallels of fluidity of human existence and extinction processes of nature. Describing his impressions of Sea forces, by intensifying feelings and imagination, resorting to comparisons, metaphors, epithets produces unexpected associations, which are material for the creation of new poetic meanings. The article notices an application of achievements of realism (which is based on actual Ukrainian mythology) and impressionism. The poet is experimenting over with the tropics, diversification, and uses archetypes, cosmic images.
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