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Title: Comprehensive Assessment of Long-Term Changes of the Black Sea Water Quality in the Zmiinyi Island Area
Authors: Kovalova, Nataliia V.
Medinets, Volodymyr I.
Citation: Materials of the 3-rd Bi-annual BS Scientific Conference and UP-GRADE BS-SCENE Project Joint Conference. Odessa, Ukraine, 1 – 4 November 2011. P. 43-44
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Black Sea SCENE
Keywords: Zmiinyi Island Area
Black Sea
Water Quality
Chlorophyll “a”
Abstract: Results of recent studies of the Black Sea ecosystem have shown that the main factor influencing the North-Western Black Sea (NWBS) water quality is eutrophication caused by nutrients input from coastal sources, with river flow and atmospheric transport. The objective of our work is to study the trends of marine waters quality and trophic state changes in the Zmiinyi Island area, which according to the results of our studies practically refer to high seas, though from time to time are influenced by the Danube River discharge. The optimal way of marine water quality assessment is using the TRIX trophic index, which integrally considers four parameters (Chlorophyll “a”, Total Phosphorous and Nitrogen, Dissolved Oxygen) determining sea water quality for living organisms. Material for analysis included authors’ data (last 22 years) from NWBS (coastal areas) and from the Zmiinyi Island coastal waters (last 7 years). The Trophic State Index (TRIX) is defined by the linear combination of four fundamental parameters of surface water quality (Chlorophyll “a”, Total Phosphorous and Nitrogen, Dissolved Oxygen). Measurements of chlorophyll “a” oncentration were carried out using standard spectrometric method. The samples of nutrients and oxygen were analysed by routine methods.
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