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Title: Імпресіоністичний малюнок оповідання Лесі Українки «Над морем»
Other Titles: Impressionistic image of the short story by Lesya Ukrainka „Above the sea”
Authors: Pidlisecka, Olga
Подлісецька, Ольга Олегівна
Подлисецкая, Ольга Олеговна
Podlisetska, Olha O.
Citation: Одеса та Чорне море як літературний простір / ред. Я. Лавський, Н.Малютина. – Білосток-Одеса: PRYMAT, 2018.
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: story
Abstract: In the article is analyzed genre specificity and traced the basic compositional methods of the short story by Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka. The article considers the peculiarities of reception and interpretation of the short story by Lesya Ukrainka „Above the Sea”.) The article is devoted to theoretical opposition research „frame” / „pattern” in the Ukrainian Lesya story „Above the Sea”. Analyzed this dichotomy in the work of Yuri Lotman and then extrapolated this opposition to this story. Shifted emphasis from external event-party work on internal (emotional, philosophical impressionistic picture of the sea). Topos Black Sea lodged in development. It traces changes the psychological state of the narrator and parallel images of the sea in the work. In addition, the article the opposition „natural man” and „a man of the city.” Consequently singled out opposition „work / idleness” and what lies the main vector of controversy between the main studied the artistic transformation of reality in the variety of forms by creating a special time-and-space unity, which breaks the traditional one through joint action within the text. The study followed the idea of self-knowledge and search for the truth necessity, which is revealed in the context of motivating the heroes’ actions. Traced the concept of perception of works of Lesia Ukrainka literary critics in books of recent years. According to research, in modem methodological reading of the works of Lesya Ukrainka inherent in the hitherto implicit aspects of meaning and interpretation. The article analyzes peculiarities of anthropological analysis functioning according to V. Iser, Y. Lotman. Basing on the short stories of the Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka in the article was made an attempt to trace connection of intertextual images in the given work, to probe their functioning in different plots and specify their intertextuality. The given article investigates Nietzschean ideas in prose literary works by Lesya Ukrainka. There was made an attempt to describe the characters of the short story by Lesya Ukrainka „Above the Sea” in terms of Friedrich Nietzsche's mental paradigm.
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