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Title: The Estimation of the Intensity and Direction the Transport of the Water Masses at the Boundary of the North-Western Black Sea Shelf
Authors: Andrianova, O. R.
Belevich, R. R.
Medinets, Volodymyr I.
Медінець, Володимир Іванович
Citation: Materials of the 3-rd Bi-annual BS Scientific Conference and UP-GRADE BS-SCENE Project Joint Conference. Odessa, Ukraine, 1 – 4 November 2011. P. 166
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Black Sea SCENE
Keywords: Climate change
North-western Black Sea, shelf, sea level, water transport, flow rate, Danube
Abstract: It is known that the existing system of currents (speed and direction) have a huge impact on the natural ecosystems of the Black Sea. The circulation of sea waters in the north-western Black Sea (NWBS), which is under the direct influence of the rivers flow Danube, Dniester and Dnieper, so far little studied. The results of integrated assessments and distribution of monthly values of the water transport at the sections between the Island Zmeinyi – the Danube Delta and Island Zmeinyi – the east coast of the Crimea was described. It is shown that at the section Island Zmeinyi – Primorskoe was of the sea water masses transport from north to south in the periods April – July 2005 and May – December 2006 but there transported of the sea water masses in the period August 2005 – April 2006 from south to north. The possible consequences of an impact on the NWBS of the water masses, which in the spring and summer come from the Danube Region, are discussed.
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