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Title: Perspective of development of alternative energy sources in Ukraine – economic and legal aspect
Authors: Shynkarenko, M.
Tolkachenko, Olena V.
Толкаченко, Олена Володимирівна
Толкаченко, Елена Владимировна
Citation: «Перші економіко-правові студії» : мат. наук. –практич. конф. молодих вчених (7 березня 2019 р., м. Одеса) відп. ред. А.В. Смітюх; ред.кол.: А.В. Левенець, О.О. Нігреєва, О.М. Савастєєва [та ін.]. – Одеса : Фенікс, 2019.
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: development
alternative energy
Abstract: Without energy the life of mankind is inconceivable. People have got used to consumption of the organic fuel as power sources (coal, gas, oil). However, their stocks in nature, as we know, are limited. Sooner or later they will run out. However, not everyone thinks about it. The answer on the question «what should we do in terms of energy crisis?» was found a long time ago: it is necessary to look for other power sources – alternative, non-traditional, renewable [1]. What are «alternative energy sources»? It is necessary to appeal to the national legal system in order to answer this question.
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