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Title: Zhevakhova Gora
Authors: Smyntyna, Olena V.
Сминтина, Олена Валентинівна
Смынтына, Елена Валентиновна
Citation: Black sea – mediterranean corridor during the last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptation (2005–2009) : ІІ plenary meeting and field trip of project IGCP-521 (Odessa, 20–28 August 2006). – Odessa : Astroprint, 2006.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Astroprint
Keywords: Khadzhibeisky
Kuyalnitsky Limans
Series/Report no.: ;C.10
Abstract: This high cape dividing Khadzhibeisky and Kuyalnitsky Limans on the high bank of the northern part of Odessa Bay contains a series of archaeological monuments and single finds of different periods.Most of them (a Late Bronze Age barrow,two diachronic barrows,a settlement of the 2nd - beginning of the 5th century CE) have only been located without further investigations.Other finds are represented by scarce numismatics, among which Roman coins (a denarium of Antonin Pius II and a copper coin of Theodosius minted in Nikomedia in the 4th century ВСЕ)and a silver eastern coin were discovered (Fabritsius, 1951; Diamant and Kuzmenko, 1978).The settlement of the 5th-3rd century ВСЕ that was discovered and studied by Mikhail Sinitsyn(1955) in the 1950s and 1960s is widely known. He uncovered houses, a pit for grain storage,red-figure vessels, and other objects.In 2006, fieldwork at this settlement resumed.
Description: Друга пленарна конференція та польові екскурсії з Проекту IGCP-521 «Чорноморсько-Середземноморський Коридор упродовж останніх 30 тисяч років: мінливість рівня моря й адаптація людини» (2005-2009).Путівник.-Одеса:Астрапринт,2006
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