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Title: Koshary
Authors: Redina, Evgenia
Citation: Black sea – mediterranean corridor during the last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptation (2005–2009) : ІІ plenary meeting and field trip of project IGCP-521 (Odessa, 20–28 August 2006). – Odessa : Astroprint, 2006.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Astroprint
Keywords: history of ancient Greek cities
modern village of Koshary
Series/Report no.: ;C.20-22
Abstract: The history of ancient Greek cities(colonies) of the Black Sea coast is an important component of Northern Black Sea Coast history in the second half of the 1st millennium ВСЕ. The ancient poleis of the Northern Pontus are, undoubtedly,not only Ukraine's pride,but also that of European culture in general (Symonovich, 1964; Diamant,1969; Redina, and Chochorowski, 2001).The complex of ancient sites near the modern village of Koshary (Fig. 34-39) represents one of the most important monuments of the Odessa region.It is situated around 40 km east of Odessa on the coast of Tiligulsky estuary and was named Asiak in ancient times. The small town arose at the end of the 5th century ВСЕ and lasted until the beginning of the 3rd centuryВСЕ. The entire territory covers more than 11 hectares,and a defensive wall encloses 7.5 of them.
Description: Друга пленарна конференція та польові екскурсії з Проекту IGCP-521 «Чорноморсько-Середземноморський Коридор упродовж останніх 30 тисяч років: мінливість рівня моря й адаптація людини» (2005-2009).Путівник.-Одеса:Астрапринт,2006
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