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Title: Integral values characterizing relative level changes of the Mediterranean and Black Seas
Authors: Shuiskyi, Yurii D.
Шуйский, Юрий Дмитриевич
Шуйський, Юрій Дмитрович
Citation: Black sea – mediterranean corridor during the last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptation (2005–2009) : ІІ plenary meeting and field trip of project IGCP-521 (Odessa, 20–28 August 2006). – Odessa : Astroprint, 2006.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Astroprint
Keywords: the Black Sea
Series/Report no.: ;C.154
Abstract: Changes in the level of various seas are short-term and long-term. Short-term fluctuations occur due to hydrometeorological reasons and are usually caused by wind and wave storms. Long-term fluctuations of sea level take place as a result of continuous development of the water balance as well as impacts produced by tectonic processes on a geological scale. Long-term fluctuations take place over tens and thousands of years. It is that scale which is applicable to measurement of fluctuations during the last 30,000 years. Such oscillations are called relative Ky, as they represent an algebraic sum of values representing all the causes on which these fluctuations depend. Often such causes are: quantity of water in the sea and tectonic regime of the coast and sea basin.Relative fluctuations and their impact on the coastal zone of the sea will be the subject of our report.
Description: Збірка тез доповідей 2-ї конференції та польових екскурсій за Проектом IGCP- 521»Чорноморсько-Середземноморський Коридор упродовж останніх 30 тис.років: зміни рівня моря та адаптація людини» (2005-2006). Одеса,20-28 серпня,2006 р.-Одеса:Астрапринт,2006
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