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dc.contributor.authorLarchenkov, Yevhenii P.-
dc.contributor.authorKadurin, Serhii V.-
dc.identifier.citationBlack sea-mediterranean corridor during the last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptation (2005–2010) : VI plenarry meeting and field trip IGCP-521 (Rhodes, 27 Sept. – 5 Oct., 2010). – Rhodes,
dc.descriptionCaspian-Black Sea-mediterranean corridor during last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptiv strategies (2005-2011), plenary meeting and field trip INQUA 501 (6,2010),27 Sept.-5 Oct., 2010uk
dc.description.abstractAt present, the problem of Black Sea formation during the last 25-30 ka remains the focus of interest for geologists and geographers who have investigated this problem over many decades, and also for archaeologists and experts in social-economic and political studies. Forecasts of possible shoreline changes during the next 50-100 years are important and ongoing tasks, and successful solution of this problem is essential for preparation of long-lasting development strategies for sea transport and recreational zones, construction in the shore belt, as well as other important
dc.subjectpaleogeographic reconstructionuk
dc.subjecttransgressive-regressive stagesuk
dc.titlePaleogeography of the northwestern Black Sea shelf during the last 12 kauk
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