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Title: Aminostratigraphy of coastal sedimentary sequences, Kerch Strait, northeastern Black Sea
Authors: Янко-Хомбах, Валентина Венедиктівна
Кадурін, Сергій Володимирович
Чепалига, Андрій Леонідович
Ніколас, В. А.
Мюррей-Уоллес, К. В.
Чівас, А. Р.
Янко-Хомбах, Валентина Венедиктовна
Кадурин, Сергей Владимирович
Чепалыга, Андрей Леонидович
Николас, В. А.
Мюррей-Уоллес, К. В.
Чивас, А. Р.
Yanko-Hombach, Valentyna V.
Kadurin, Serhii V.
Chepalyga, A. L.
Murray-Wallace, C. V.
Nicholas, W. A.
Chivas, A. R.
Citation: Black sea-mediterranean corridor during the last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptation (2005–2009) : IV plenary meeting and field trip IGCP 521 (Bucharest ; Varna, 4–16 Oct. 2008). – Bucharest, 2008
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: S.n.
Keywords: Amino Acid racemisation
Cardium edule
Chione gallina
Last Interglacial
Series/Report no.: ;C. 127-128
Abstract: The principal methods used to constrain the timing of sea-level and environmental changes for the Last Interglacial sedimentary sequences have been Uranium-series and luminescence dating. An alternative to these, used with success in studies on Australian coastal sedimentary sequences, is the amino acid racemization geochronological technique. Recent technological (Bruckner et al., 1991) and methodological developments (Kaufman and Manley, 1998; Hearty et al., 2006) now allow for calibrated age determinations on suitable skeletal carbonates including individual foraminifers and ostracods.
Description: Caspian-Black Sea mediterranean corridor during last 30 ky: sea level change and human adaptive strategies (2008-2010), plenary meeting and fild trip INQUA 0501, (4, 2008);4-16, Oct., 2008
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