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Title: Synthesis and crystal structures of thiocarbamoylsulfenamide zinc(II) complexes
Authors: Khitrich, Galina N.
Seifullina, Inna Y.
Сейфулліна, Інна Йосипівна
Сейфуллина, Инна Иосифовна
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Inc.
Series/Report no.: ;Т. 20, № 3; с. 180-181
Abstract: Studies of N,N-pentamethylene- and N,N-oxydiethylene-N',N'-pentamethylenethiocarbamoylsulfenamide zinc(II) complexes by UV and NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction showed the ligand coordination to the metal in a bidentate–chelate manner through the thionic sulfur atom and sulfenamide nitrogen atom with formation of five-membered metallacycle.
Description: Mendeleev Communications / Russian Academy of Sciences ; the Royal Society of Chemistry. - Moscov : Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Inc. - Rus.
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