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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
197-198.pdf.jpg2017Ban the bomb by… banning the bomb? A Ukrainian responseSinovets, Polina A.
121-128.pdf.jpg2018Comparative analysis of financial-economic indicators and the dynamics of external sectors of Estonia and DenmarkYakubovskiy, Serhii O.; Kyfak, A. O.; Yugay, K. S.
32-40.pdf.jpg2015Eastern european regional cooperation after crimea: the art of the possibleMaksymenko, Iryna V.
139-160.pdf.jpg2017Energy safety of Ukraine: Russian factorBrusylovska, Olha I.
245-254.pdf.jpg2017Europe’s nuclear woes: Mitigating the challenges of the next yearsKühn, Ulrich; Shetty, Shatabhisha; Sinovets, Polina A.
2019Foreign Capital Flows as Factors of Economic Growth in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and PolandRodionova, Tetiana; Yakubovskyi, Serhii O.; Kyfak, Andrii O.; Якубовський, Сергій Олексійович; Якубовский, Сергей Алексеевич
417-423.pdf.jpg2016From Stalin to Putin: Russian Strategic Culture in XXI Century, its Continuity and ChangeSinovets, Polina A.
103-116.pdf.jpg2008Global and regional subjectivity of the EU and the case oF Ukraine in relations witH NATO, USA and RussiaHlebov, Serhii V.; Глебов, Сергій Володимирович
1-6.pdf.jpg2018How Russia’s Nuclear Buildup Offers a Good Opportunity for Renewed Arms Control DialogueSinovets, Polina A.
323-330.pdf.jpg2017International Consequences of Russian-Ukrainian ConflictBrusylovska, Olha I.
177-181.pdf.jpg2015Language in context of intercultural communication: transition from Hellenization to Westernization/AmericanizationSnigovska, Oksana V.; Сніговська, Оксана Володимирівна
2019Modeling Outcomes of Unconventional Monetary PolicyAlekseievska, Halyna S.; Kyfak, Andrii O.; Rodionova, Tetiana; Yakubovskyi, Serhii O.; Якубовський, Сергій Олексійович; Якубовский, Сергей Алексеевич
139-146.pdf.jpg2015Modern Mixed Model and Hybrid Systems of Local Self-Government in the Cases of Spain and Latin American CountriesVacarchuk, Kateryna V.
135-138.pdf.jpg2009Nationalism, Religion and the Arab -Israeli conflictZaharchenko, Alla M.
166-174.pdf.jpg2015Project “Greater Albania” and processes of its practical realizationUzun, Juliya V.
126-132.pdf.jpg2018Role of Blockchain Technology in the development of Global Information Technology and FinTech markets in the conditions of globalizationYakubovskyi, Serhii O.; Kyrychenko, Mykola V.; Якубовський, Сергій Олексійович; Кириченко, Микола Віталійович
1-12.pdf.jpg2015Russia's 2014 Military Doctrine and Beyond: Threat Perceptions, Capabilities and AmbitionsSinovets, Polina A.; Renz, Bettina
312-324.pdf.jpg2015South-Eastern Europe in quest of national security and Euro-Atlantic integrationBrusylovska, Olha I.
2015Territorial and cross-border cooperation of the EU with Russia, Ukraine and MoldovaBrusylovska, Olha I.
479-489.pdf.jpg2013The engagement of EU in the creation of subjects of international law: Kosovo caseBrusylovska, Olha I.