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dc.contributor.authorHorshkova, Olena H.-
dc.contributor.authorVoliuvach, Olha V.-
dc.contributor.authorGudzenko, Tetiana V.-
dc.contributor.authorChernyshova, Myroslava O.-
dc.contributor.authorNester, Oleksandr O.-
dc.contributor.authorВолювач, Ольга Вячеславовна-
dc.contributor.authorВолювач, Ольга В'ячеславівна-
dc.contributor.authorГоршкова, Елена Георгиевна-
dc.contributor.authorГоршкова, Олена Георгіївна-
dc.identifier.citationThe Ukrainian biochemical journaluk
dc.description.abstractTo increase the efficiency of the work of medical institutions and pharmaceutical production facilities, where a large number of phenolic and other hardly oxidizable compounds are found in the sewage waters, we recommend using strain Bacillus subtilis ONU551 (F13) to purify this kind of effluent. The strain was isolated in 2017 from wastewater produced by Ukrainian pharmaceutical products, and does not lose destructive properties with respect to aromatic xenobiotics in the presence of pathogenic microbiota - E. coli, K. pneumoniae, S. moscow, P.
dc.relation.ispartofseries;Vol. 90.-
dc.subjectBacillus subtilisuk
dc.subjectE. coliuk
dc.subjectK. pneumoniaeuk
dc.titleDetection of markers in the fat -acid profile of bacillus subtilis ONU 551 - destructor of disinfectantsuk
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