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dc.contributor.authorKononiuk, Yu. V.-
dc.contributor.authorMarynova, I. V.-
dc.contributor.authorAdarma, N. Yu.-
dc.contributor.authorStepaniuk, G.-
dc.contributor.authorBratkevich, V.-
dc.contributor.authorTverdokhlib, V. S.-
dc.contributor.authorBasiul, Olena V.-
dc.contributor.authorLimanska, Natalia V.-
dc.identifierUDC 579.64+579.69-
dc.identifier.citationModern problems of Microbiology and Biotechnology: materials of M78 young scientists international conference (Odesa, 20-23 june 2018). – Odesa : «Odesa I. I. Mecnikov National University»,
dc.description.abstractPhytopathogenic bacteria - crown gall agents - were isolated from grape plants. Antagonistic bacteria - also plant dwellers - were used to struggle these pathogens. Lactobacillus plantarum effectively inhibited crown gall agents and survived in soil at least for 45 days. Lactobacilli could interfere pathogenesis of the disease on a step of pathogen attachment. Together with Bacillus megaterium, lactobacilli showed stimulation effect on plant
dc.publisherОдеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечниковаuk
dc.subjectLactobacillus plantarumuk
dc.subjectAgrobacterium tumefaciensuk
dc.titleComplex investigations of plant microbiota representativesuk
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