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Title: Microbiological method of purification of water from phenol association of non-pathogenic bacteria straps of the genus Pseudomonas
Authors: Horshkova, Olena H.
Voliuvach, Olha V.
Samofatov, Mykhailo I.
Tkachenko, A.
Волювач, Ольга Вячеславовна
Волювач, Ольга В'ячеславівна
Горшкова, Елена Георгиевна
Горшкова, Олена Георгіївна
Citation: Modern problems of Microbiology and Biotechnology: materials of M78 young scientists international conference (Odesa, 20-23 june 2018). – Odesa : «Odesa I. I. Mecnikov National University», 2018.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: purification of water
association of destructors
P. cepacia ONU-327
P. fluorescens ONU-328
Abstract: A microbiological method for purifying water from phenol has been developed, which consists in using phenol-bacterial association of strains of non-pathogenic bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas: P. cepacia ONU-327 and P. fluorescens ONU- 328, taken in a volume ratio of 1: 1. When using a biopreparation on the basis of the association of the bacterial strains under study, the oxidation of phenol is accelerated 2.2 times as compared to the treatment of phenol-containing water with monocultures. Deep purification of water from phenol with a concentration of 300 mg/l occurs within 10 days with a single injection of bacterial cells in an amount of 7.5x105 CFU/ml, pH 7, a temperature of 28-30 °C. It has been established that the bacterial association of strains of P. cepacia ONU-327 and P. fluorescens ONU-328 is capable not only of effective destruction of phenol, but also possesses a high sorption-accumulating potential for ions of heavy metals [Pb (II), Zn (II) , Cu (II), Cr (V)], which reveals the prospects of its use in the biopreparation for the purification of multicomponent pharmacies, with the predominant content of phenolic contaminants.
Other Identifiers: UDC 531/534/: [57+61]
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