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Title: The use of wine yeast in the production of red wines in biotechnology
Authors: Haidarzhi, A.
Tkachenko, A.
Smazchuk, O.
Pihteeva, A.
Citation: Modern problems of Microbiology and Biotechnology: materials of M78 young scientists international conference (Odesa, 20-23 june 2018). – Odesa : «Odesa I. I. Mecnikov National University», 2018.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: siha aktivhefe
red wines
significant fraction
Abstract: The experiments conducted indicate that yeast Saccharomyces vini the studied race siha aktivhefe 4 refer to glucosophilic yeasts of the genus Saccharomces, fermenting the most significant fraction of sugar in grape juice. These yeasts end up fermentation, and many of them are involved in the formation of the aroma of young red wines. Yeast assimilate and ferment glucose, galactose, sucrose, maltose and raffinose (by 1/3), do not absorb and do not ferment dextrins, lactose, inulin, xylose, arabinose. Assimilate ethyl alcohol and glycerin, do not assimilate mannitol, dulcite, sorbitol. From organic acids, they absorb acetic and lactic acid, they do not absorb amber, apple, wine and lemon. In winemaking, yeast can play a negative role, causing turbidity of the finished wines.
Other Identifiers: UDC 663.31.001.76 (043.3)
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