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Title: Transformation of the Neoeuxinian lake into the Black Sea: Evidence from benthic foraminifera
Authors: Yanko-Hombach, Valentyna V.
Янко-Хомбах, Валентина Венедиктовна
Янко-Хомбах, Валентина Венедиктівна
Citation: IGCP 521 Second Plenary Meeting and Field Trip, Odessa, Ukraine, August 20-28, 2006
Issue Date: 2006
Keywords: foraminifera
Neoeuxinian lake
Black Sea
Abstract: This paper is focused on the reconstruction of the Black Sea level and salinity since the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) using benthic foraminifera as the main tool (Yanko-Hombach, 2006).
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