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Title: Improvement of criminal and legal protection of the basis of national security of Ukraine in the context of Euro integration
Authors: Chuvakov, Oleh A.
Чуваков, Олег Анатолійович
Чуваков, Олег Анатольевич
Citation: Development of national law in the context of integration into the European legal space
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: criminal-law policy
national security of Ukraine
the criminal law protection
active legal model
antistate ideology
Series/Report no.: ;SECTION VIII
Abstract: The article deals with the complex special scientific research of crimes against the bases of national security of the state in which the author's concept for improving the current normative prescriptions was substantiated and the appropriate boundaries of criminal encroachments on the basis of national security of Ukraine were determined, taking into account the current geopolitical realities, I he legal regulation of responsibility and regularities of taxonomy of considered crimes in the context of the current Ukrainian legislation is substantiated. The author concept was developed in the part of perfection of the existing criminal legislation in the sphere of protection of the foundations of national security of Ukraine; established a specific list of crimes that undermine the foundations of Ukraine's national security. It is emphasized that it is a question of absolutely "new" criminal-law regulations, as well as updated norms of the current criminal law. Taking into account the developed conceptual provisions, as well as taking into account the existing threats to the bases of national security of Ukraine, updated versions of Art. 109,110, 111, 114 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The basis of such provisions was the conceptual development of authoritative domestic researchers in this field of knowledge (О. M. Kostenko, O. F. Bantysheva, О. V. Shamara, S. V. Djako- va, etc.), including foreign experience in parts of the systematization and criminalization of socially dangerous encroachments on the basis of state security. A system of socially dangerous encroachments that directly or indirectly encroaches on the foundations of national security of Ukraine is formulated, where such bases can serve as the main or additional object of such crimes.
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