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Title: Main tendencies and issues of ukrainian health care system reformation on the modern stage of economic development
Authors: Safonov, Yuri M.
Borshch, Viktoriya I.
Борщ, Вікторія Ігорівна
Борщ, Виктория Игоревна
Citation: Management of the 21st century : globalization challenges. Monograph ; in edition I. Markina. – Prague. – Nemoros s.r.o.
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: military actions
the East of Ukraine
health system
massive migration processes
high mortality rate
law fertility
population ageing
the scientific works
Abstract: One of the most important tasks, put before the Ukrainian society, is increasing of Ukrainian economical competitiveness and wellbeing of Ukrainian population. Hence, a lot of reforms in the different spheres of economic, social and legal policies are provided in the modern stage of Ukrainian development. By 2018, one of the most urgent reforms in Ukraine is the health care system’s reformation. Nowadays the complicated socio-economic, political and demographic changes are taking place in Ukraine. To date, according to the non-official statistical data, the preliminary appraisement of the total number of population is about 29 millions, i.e. in comparison with 2010 it has decreased 1,58 times or 16,96 mln. people. According to the official statistics, the dynamics is not such bad, but nevertheless, there are significant problems with demographics: by 01.02.2018 there are 42, 39 mln. people in Ukraine.
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