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dc.contributor.authorNitsenko, Vitalii S.-
dc.contributor.authorNyenno, Iryna M.-
dc.contributor.authorLevinska, Tetyana-
dc.contributor.authorНіценко, Віталій Сергійович-
dc.contributor.authorНиценко, Виталий Сергеевич-
dc.contributor.authorНєнно, Ірина Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorНенно, Ирина Михайловна-
dc.identifierJEL Classification: G15, O16-
dc.identifier.citationWielowymiarowość kategorii bezpieczeństwa. : wymiar prawny,ekonomiczno-społeczny i międzynarodowy / red.: K. Sygidus [et al.]. – Olsztyn; Krakow; Kijow : Bookmarked Publishing & Editing, 2018. – 254
dc.description.abstractThe main aim of the research is to open the content of the effective business-model management, first the business-model content analysis approach application. After this the complementary assets and multidimensional innovation were put as a basis to form the enterprise business-models. The complementary assets access formation for the sea trade port is developed through the different strategies. Generic and specialized complementary assets list was presented. Business-model formation through multidimensional innovation is supported by the operational activities list. The business-model described as a mechanism to create and store of added value with the appropriate directions for strategic decisionsuk
dc.subjectsea trade portuk
dc.subjectfinancial performanceuk
dc.subjectreturn on equityuk
dc.subjectcomplementary assetsuk
dc.subjectmultidimensional innovationuk
dc.titleTheory and methodology of Business-Model Formationuk
dc.typeBook chapteruk
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