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Title: Theory and methodology of Business-Model Formation
Authors: Nitsenko, Vitalii S.
Nyenno, Iryna M.
Levinska, Tetyana
Ніценко, Віталій Сергійович
Ниценко, Виталий Сергеевич
Нєнно, Ірина Михайлівна
Ненно, Ирина Михайловна
Citation: Wielowymiarowość kategorii bezpieczeństwa. : wymiar prawny,ekonomiczno-społeczny i międzynarodowy / red.: K. Sygidus [et al.]. – Olsztyn; Krakow; Kijow : Bookmarked Publishing & Editing, 2018. – 254 s.
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: business-model
sea trade port
financial performance
return on equity
complementary assets
multidimensional innovation
Abstract: The main aim of the research is to open the content of the effective business-model management, first the business-model content analysis approach application. After this the complementary assets and multidimensional innovation were put as a basis to form the enterprise business-models. The complementary assets access formation for the sea trade port is developed through the different strategies. Generic and specialized complementary assets list was presented. Business-model formation through multidimensional innovation is supported by the operational activities list. The business-model described as a mechanism to create and store of added value with the appropriate directions for strategic decisions
Other Identifiers: JEL Classification: G15, O16
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