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Title: The Main Pillars of the Eu Labour Migration Policy to Solve a Significant Brain Drain Social Problem
Authors: Nitsenko, Vitalii S.
Zos-Kior, Mykola
Vasylchenko, Mariana
Ніценко, Віталій Сергійович
Ниценко, Виталий Сергеевич
Citation: Wielowymiarowość kategorii bezpieczeństwa : wymiar społeczny / red.: K. Sygidus [et al.]. – Olsztyn; Kijow : Bookmarked Publishing & Editing, 2018. Т. 1 – 2018. – 188 s.
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: brain drain
European Union
high-skilled labour force
labour attraction management
Series/Report no.: ;Т. 1
Abstract: The overall purpose of this paper is to put everyone in the picture about the nature of the brain drain migration and to the search of the possible ways of the improvement of the EU labour migration policy to solve this significant problem. The findings of the analysis indicate that in the modern world with its demographic and economic imbalances, the total number of international migrants is likely to rise during the XXI century. After presenting a statistical overview of two distinct migratory flows of European labour force, it was concluded that the existing politics of brain drain is not adequately captured in the official data. Therefore, the core factors that drive brain drain migration are determined by authors. The most spread models of high-skilled labour attraction management are investigated in the paper. And, finally, the main pillars of the EU labour migration policy to solve a brain drain social problem are proposed.
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