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Title: Ecological-innovative mechanisms of societal systems management for ensuring economic safety
Authors: Sadchenko, Olena V.
Садченко, Олена Василівна
Садченко, Елена Васильевна
Citation: National Security & Innovation Activities: Methodology, Policy and Practice: monograph. – Ruda Śląska : Drukarnia i Studio Graficzne Omnidium, 2018.
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: analysis of societality
management for ensuring
Abstract: The analysis of societality allows to give a qualitative characteristic of social life and formulate the main strategic directions in the policy carried out by government. In this regard, studying the societality of society, revealing of causes and forms of manifestation of crisisness, has theoretical and practical importance. The necessary condition for overcoming the ecological crisis is to overcome the crisis of the traditional, anthropocentric system of values. In order to develop an economic policy of making effective economic decisions it is important to know the ecological value of natural resources and services. Underestimation of ecological parameters distorts the measurement of economic development through traditional indexes of GNI, GDP, GRP, etc., the growth of which hides the degradation of the environment.
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