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dc.contributor.authorKhoma, Ruslan Ye.en
dc.contributor.authorGelmboldt, V. O.en
dc.contributor.authorEnnan, Alim-Abdul A.en
dc.contributor.authorBaumer, Vyacheslav N.en
dc.contributor.authorRakipov, I. M.en
dc.contributor.authorDlubovskiy, R. M.en
dc.contributor.authorХома, Руслан Євгенійовичuk
dc.identifier.citationRussian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry-
dc.description.abstractThe reaction products formed in the SO2–L–H2O–O2 systems (L is n-propylamine, n-butylamine, tert-butylamine, n-heptylamine, n-octylamine, aniline) were isolated and identified as “onium” salts [n-C3H7NH3]2SO4, [n-C4H9NH3]2SO4, [t-C4H9NH3]2SO4, [n-C7H15NH3]3SO4(HSO4), [n-C8H17NH3]3SO4(HSO4), and [C6H5NH3]2SO4. The products were characterized by elemental analysis, IR and Raman spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and thermogravimetryen
dc.relation.ispartofseries;Vol. 63, No. 5.-
dc.subjectonium sulfatesen
dc.subjecthydrogen sulfatesen
dc.subjectsulfur(IV) oxideen
dc.titleOnium Sulfates and Hydrogen Sulfates: Products of Reactions of Sulfur(IV) Oxide with Aqueous Solutions of Alkylamines and Anilineen
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