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Title: On Interaction of Sulfur(IV) Oxide with Aqueous Solutions of Ethanolamines
Authors: Khoma, Ruslan Ye.
Shestaka, A. A.
Gelmboldt, V. O.
Хома, Руслан Євгенійович
Citation: Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry
Issue Date: 2012
Keywords: sulfur (IV) oxide
aqueous solutions of ethanolamines
Series/Report no.: ;Vol. 85, no. 11.
Abstract: Potentio- and conductometric titration was used to study the interaction in sulfur(IV) oxide– ethanolamines–water systems in comparison with the previously obtained pH-metric data on how the corresponding onium sulfi tes, hydrosulfi tes, and pyrosulfi tes are formed. The ionic and molecular compositions of these solutions were calculated. Correlations between the characteristics of pH-metric titration curves of aqueous solutions of ethanolamines with sulfur(IV) oxide and the relative stability of onium sulfates were revealed.
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