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Title: X-ray structure of new Sn(lV) chelates with picolinoylhydrazones of 2-hydroxybenz-and 2hiydroxynaphtaldehydes
Authors: Shmatkova, Natalia Volodymyrivna
Seifullina, Inna Y.
Shishkin, О. V.
Zubatiuk, R. L.
Сейфулліна, Інна Йосипівна
Сейфуллина, Инна Иосифовна
Citation: The XV-th International Conference “Physical Methods in Coordination and Supramoiecular Chemistry» The XVII-th Reading in memory of Academician A. Ablov (Moldova, September 27 - October 1, 2006) / Institute of Physical Chemistiy, Polish Academy of Sciences Chemical Society of Moldova. – Kishinev, 2006.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Polish Academy of Sciences Chemical Society of Moldova
Keywords: X-ray structure
Abstract: By interaction of SnCI4 with metanol solution of picolinoylhydrazooes of 2-hydroxybenz- (H2Ps) and 2-hydroxynaphtaldehydes (H2Pnf) solvated complex molecules of the identical compositions, [SnCl3(Рs-.Н)]СНзОН (I) and [SnCyPnf Н)]'СНзОН (II) were obtained
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