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Title: Approaches to the study of cheniers along the coastline of the Soviet Union
Authors: Shuiskyi, Yurii D.
Шуйский, Юрий Дмитриевич
Шуйський, Юрій Дмитрович
Citation: Marine Geology
Issue Date: 1989
Keywords: palaeogeographical aspects
Series/Report no.: ;Vol. 90, isue 4.
Abstract: With the very extensive coastline in the north and northeast and the relatively shorter coastlines in the south, cheniers in the USSR can occur in a great variety of climatological conditions ranging from subarctic to subtropical. Cheniers in the USSR have been studied since approximately 1900, the investigations being mainly concerned with the palaeogeographical aspects. Since the 1960’s, investigations have focussed on contemporary morphodynamics. Chenier formation appears to depend largely on the relative influence that marine and fluvial factors have on the formation of marginal deltaic plains. Research in this field is briefly reviewed.
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