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Title: An Experience of Studying Artificial Ground Terraces as a Means of Coastal Protection
Authors: Shuiskyi, Yurii D.
Шуйский, Юрий Дмитриевич
Шуйський, Юрій Дмитрович
Citation: Ocean & Coast. Manag.
Issue Date: 1994
Keywords: planning
natural resources
Black Sea
Series/Report no.: ;V. 22.
Abstract: The planning of a rational use of coastal natural resources is meant to create favourable conditions for economic activities. It must provide for a stable functioning of the natural coastal system and of various man-made objects there. At present the majority of the world coasts are being destroyed, and, consequently, the shorelines retreat. Therefore, coastal protection is a problem of great priority. A new protective method was proposed near Port Yuzhniy on the Black Sea. It used artificial ground terraces. This paper reports the results of their study and estimates their efficiency.
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