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Title: Floatation–Extraction Recovery of U(VI) by Means of Thin Emulsified Solutions of Trialkylamine in White Spirit
Authors: Perlova, Olha V.
Shirykalova, A. A.
Перлова, Ольга Вікторівна
Перлова, Ольга Викторовна
Citation: Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Allerton Press, Inc.
Keywords: emulsified solutions
extraction recovery
Series/Report no.: ;Vol. 30, No. 4
Abstract: We have established expediency and high efficiency of using thin emulsified solutions of trialkylamine in white spirit as floatation collectors of U(VI) during its floatation–extraction recovery from nitrate, sulfate, and carbonate solutions. We have also determined optimal conditions of running the process (the pH, consumption of the collector, floatation time) and depending on the ionic composition of the solution and the pH of the medium its mechanism was suggested
Other Identifiers: DOI: 10.3103/S1063455X0804005X
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