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Title: The Surfactant Adsorption by the chitev Adsorbents
Authors: Tymchuk, Alla F.
Тимчук, Алла Федорівна
Тымчук, Алла Федоровна
Citation: II Ukrainian-Polish scientific conference „Membrane and Sorption processes and technologies” (K3 December 2-4, 2015). Abstracts / Editors: Sobczuk H., Vakuliuk P. - Kyiv: NaUKMA, 2015.
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: adsorption
Abstract: The fundamental and applied investigation smdymg the addition of the polyeiectroly1:es ш to iisperse systems are urgent for searchmg of the ways of the control of the adsorption, flotation and bcculation processes. The modern technologies of the adsorption punfymg of water demand of learching of the new, ecologically fiiendly adsorbents as chitin and chitosan. They are limited swelling idsorbents and used for the extraction of the organic and morgamc substances from the water solutions, lie mam advantage of these adsorbents is their biological degradation. The analysis of the literature data wws that chitin and chitosan adsorbents have high adsorption ability in relation to mineral oils, phenols sd heavy metals. Chitin's prevalence m the nature takes the second place after cellulose. The basic atural sources of chitin are the shells of crustacean and the biomass of fungus' mycelium. Chitin rovides the mechamcal strength of the structure without ngid bonds between microfibnlles, that allows okeep the certam elasticity of a cellular wall.
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