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Title: Study of the flocculation ability of high-molecular compounds
Authors: Tymchuk, Alla F.
Тимчук, Алла Федорівна
Тымчук, Алла Федоровна
Citation: III Ukrainian-Polish scientific conference "Membrane and Sorption processes and technologies": book and abstracts, Dесеmbег 12-14, 2017 Куiv / ed. P. Vakuliuk. – Kyiv : NaUKMA, 2017.
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: chitosan
Abstract: The main advantage of these flocculants is their biological degradation. The analysis of the literature data shows that chitin and chitosan have high adsorption ability in relation to rmneral oils, phenols and heavy metals. The basic natural sources of chitin are shells of crustacean and the biomass of fungus' mycelium. Chitin provides the mechanical strength of the structure without ngid bonds between microfibnlles, that allows to keep the certain elasticity of a cellular wall. Chitosan and sodium algmate have a complex of environmental and phvsic-chemical properties: biodegradability, playback of the raw matenal base, reaction and complexing ability, compatibility with living tissues without toxicity. Researches had shown that chitosan can be used for flocculation and sorption from aqueous solutions of surfactants.
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