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Title: Influence of the additives of low-molecular alcohols on the adsorption of mixtures of tween and sodium dodecyl sulfate at the liquid-gas interface and establishment of regularities of flotation extraction of surfactants
Authors: Streltsova, Olena O.
Mazuryk, A. A.
Стрельцова, Олена Олексіївна
Стрельцова, Елена Алексеевна
Citation: Актуальные проблемы теории адсорбции, пористости и адсорбционной селективности: материалы XVI Всероссийского симпозиума с междунар. участием 22-26 мая, 2016 г., Москва, Россия / РАН [и др.].– М.; Клязьма, 2017.– 280 с.
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: low molecular weight alcohols
adsorption of mixtures of tween
sodium dodecyl sulfate
Abstract: The aim of the researches was to study the influence of low-molecular alcohols additives on the adsorption of nonionic surfactants from individual aqueous solutions and mixtures, which contain anionic surfactant at the liquid-gas interface and to establish regularities of surfactant flotation extraction from diluted mixed solutions with different compositions.
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