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Title: Adsorption of Tweens and Dodecylpyridinium Chloride from Mixed Solution on Paraffin
Authors: Streltsova, Olena O.
Mazuryk, A. A.
Стрельцова, Олена Олексіївна
Стрельцова, Елена Алексеевна
Citation: Book of Abstracts II Ukrainian-Polish scient. conf. Membrane and Sorption Processes and Technologies. – Kyiv. – Ukraine – 2-4 desember 2015.
Issue Date: 2013
Keywords: Adsorption of Tweens
Dodecylpyridinium Chloride
Mixed Solution
Abstract: Colloid-chemical properties of surface-active agents (surfactants) mixtures are being studied intensively in the last period of time. Great scientific interest is due to the fact that mixtures allow to control the properties of dispersed systems and processes, occurring in them much more effectively by, than the individual surfactants
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