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Title: Cu(ii), Mn(ii) coordination compounds with condensation product of «hydazepam» and isatin
Authors: Pulya, A. V.
Seifullina, Inna Y.
Skorokhod, Larisa S.
Vlasenko, V. G.
Trigub, A.
Efimov, N.
Ugolkova, E.
Minin, V.
Levchenkov, S.
Сейфулліна, Інна Йосипівна
Сейфуллина, Инна Иосифовна
Citation: 27th International Chugaev conference on coordination chemistry and 4th Young conference school “Physicochemical methods in the chemistry of coordination compounds” (2-6 october 2017, Nizhny Novgorod): book of abstracts : the conf. celebrates the 80th birthday of acad. Gleb A. Abakumov / Федеральное агентство науч. орг., Российский фонд фундаментальных исследований ; co-chair: A. Abakumov, M. Novotortsev . – Электрон. кн. – Nizhny Novgorod, 2017 . – 602 c.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Одеський національний університет імені І. І. Мечникова
Keywords: hydazepam
coordination compounds
organic ligands
Abstract: The creation of new drugs based on the coordination compounds of biologically active metals and organic ligands is one of the topical trends in modern bioorganic chemistry. Particularly promising is the use as bio-ligands used in medical practice of pharmaceuticals.
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