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dc.contributor.authorPerlova, Olha V.-
dc.contributor.authorDzyazko, Yuliya Serhiivna-
dc.contributor.authorHalutska, I. Yu.-
dc.contributor.authorIvanova, I.-
dc.contributor.authorPalchik, Alexey V.-
dc.contributor.authorПерлова, Ольга Вікторівна-
dc.contributor.authorПерлова, Ольга Викторовна-
dc.identifier.citationMembrane and Sorption processes and technologies : III Ukrainian-Polish scientific conf., Kyiv, 12-14 Dec. 2017 : аbstracts; еds: H. Sobczuk, P. Vakuliuk. – K. : NaUKMA,
dc.description.abstractSorption is the most widespread method for removal of uranium(VI) from diluted aqueous solutions. The development of new effective sorbents is in a focus of attention. Organic-inorganic cation-exchangers are prospective materials for sorption of uranyl cations [1-3]. These materials are characterized by higher sorption rate than the inorganic materials, moreover, they are more selective than ion exchange resins. The aim of this work is to a study of adsorption of uranium(VI) compounds from diluted aqueous solution using organic-inorganic sorbents, which were obtained by modification of anion exchange resin EDE-10P with nanoparticles of hydrated zirconium
dc.subjectmost widespreaduk
dc.subjectremoval of uranium(VI)uk
dc.titleАdsorption of U(VI) complexes on anion-exchange resins modified by hydrated zirconium oxideuk
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