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dc.contributor.authorRakitskaya, Tatiana L.-
dc.contributor.authorTruba, Alla S.-
dc.contributor.authorRadchenko, E. O.-
dc.contributor.authorGolub, A. А.-
dc.contributor.authorРакитська, Тетяна Леонідівна-
dc.contributor.authorРакитская, Татьяна Леонидовна-
dc.contributor.authorТруба, Алла Сергіївна-
dc.contributor.authorТруба, Алла Сергеевна-
dc.identifier.citation3rd Internat. Conf. “Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials” (NANO-2015) Lviv,
dc.description.abstractThe above mentioned nanocomposites were tested as catalysts in low temperature ozone decomposition in air-ozone mixture (C(03) = 200 mg/m3). All complexes are catalytically active in ozone decomposition. For L4 and L6 stationary condition with a formation of catalytically active Mn(IV) oxide was
dc.subjectMn(II) complexesuk
dc.subjectSchiff basesuk
dc.titleMn(II) complexes with Schiff bases immobilized at nanosilica as catalysts in ozone decomposition reactionuk
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