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dc.contributor.authorRakitskaya, Tatiana L.-
dc.contributor.authorVasylechko, V. O.-
dc.contributor.authorKiose, Tetiana O.-
dc.contributor.authorDzhyga, Ganna M.-
dc.contributor.authorGryshchouk, Galyna V.-
dc.contributor.authorVolkova, V. Y.-
dc.contributor.authorДжига, Ганна Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorДжига, Анна Михайловна-
dc.contributor.authorКіосе, Тетяна Олександрівна-
dc.contributor.authorКиосе, Татьяна Александровна-
dc.contributor.authorРакитська, Тетяна Леонідівна-
dc.contributor.authorРакитская, Татьяна Леонидовна-
dc.identifier.citationTheoretical and Experimental Studies of Interfacial Phenomena and their Technological Application : 15 th Ukrain.-Polish Symp.,(12-15 septem. 2016 р.): Book Abstr. – Lviv,
dc.description.abstractFor the first time, Ukrainian natural bentonites are used as supports for anchoring Pd(II) and Cu(II) complexes. Depending on the bentonite origin, such supported metal complexes have different catalytic properties in the reaction o f carbon monoxide oxidation. Bentonites, similarly to other natural sorbents, are selective with respect to metal ions: the bentonite origin affects Cu(II) position in the selectivity orders. However, there are no data concerning adsorption o f Pd(II) and also Cu(II) and Pd(II) when they are simultaneously present in aqueous solution used for bentonite
dc.subjectactivity of bentonite baseduk
dc.subjectsome featuresuk
dc.titleSome features of Pd(II) and Cu(II) adsorption with bentonites and activity of bentonite based catalysts in the reaction of carbon monoxide oxidationuk
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