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dc.contributor.authorRakitskaya, Tatiana L.-
dc.contributor.authorKiose, Tetiana O.-
dc.contributor.authorGolubchik, Khrystyna Olehivna-
dc.contributor.authorVolkova, V. Y.-
dc.contributor.authorКіосе, Тетяна Олександрівна-
dc.contributor.authorКиосе, Татьяна Александровна-
dc.contributor.authorРакитская, Татьяна Леонидовна-
dc.contributor.authorРакитська, Тетяна Леонідівна-
dc.identifier.citationTheoretical and Experimental Studies of Interfacial Phenomena and their Technological Application : 15 th Ukrain.-Polish Symp., (12-15 septem. 2016 р.): Book Abstr. – Lviv, ,
dc.description.abstractThe activity of supported palladium-copper catalysts in the reaction o f low-temperature carbon monoxide oxidation can be controlled by varying Pd(II) and Cu(II) precursors, ligands (L = СГ, Br~), Pd(II);Cu(II):L ratios, and structure-adsorption and physicochemical properties o f supports. The latter can be changed by acid-thermal modification o f natural sorbents often used as the
dc.subjectclinoptilolite modificationuk
dc.subjectmonoxide oxidationuk
dc.subjectreaction of carbonuk
dc.titleThe influence of concentration of nitric acid used in clinoptilolite modification on the activity of clinoptilolite based palladium-copper catalysts in the reaction of carbon monoxide oxidationuk
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