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Title: Fatty acids composition of microbacterium genus bacteria-destructors of oil hydrocarbons
Authors: Horshkova, Olena H.
Korotaieva, Nadiia V.
Ostapchuk, A. M.
Voliuvach, Olha V.
Gudzenko, Tetiana V.
Волювач, Ольга В'ячеславівна
Волювач, Ольга Вячеславовна
Горшкова, Елена Георгиевна
Горшкова, Олена Георгіївна
Citation: Мікробіол. журн.
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: composition of fatty acids
Microbacterium barkeri
Series/Report no.: ;Т. 78, № 5.
Abstract: To conduct an identification of microorganisms – destructors of oil hydrocarbons – based on their fatty acid composition. This is one of the chemotaxonomic characteristics that correlate with bacterial molecular genetic features. Fatty acids analysis of cells of bacteria was carried out using automatic system of microorganisms’ identification MIDI Sherlock (MIDI, USA) based on gas chromatograph Agilent 7890. For fatty acids profiles test culture were characterized by С15:0 anteiso – 44.26–46.36 %, С17:0 anteiso – 27.04– 28.03 %, С16:0 iso – 14.49–16.9 %, С15:0 iso – 5.51– 8.58 %, С17:0 iso – 1.67–2.4 %. Isomers С13:0 anteiso, С14:0 iso, С18:0 iso, С19:0 anteiso identified smaller amounts and ranged from 0.05 to 0.72 % of the total peaks square. It demonstrates the presence of saturated isomers С14:0, С16:0, С17:0 and С18:0, which composition ranged from 0.05 to 1.02 %. By phenotypic characteristics and the composition of fatty acids investigated culture were assigned to type Microbacterium barkeri. Similarity index of fatty acid profiles of the library is 0.685 for strain Microbacterium barkeri ОZ-2 and 0.942, for strain Microbacterium barkeri ОZ-3.
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