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Title: Characterisation of Ukrainian bread wheat (Triticumaestivum l.) germplasm by using microsatellite markers
Authors: Chebotar, Sabina V.
Roder, M.S.
Borner, A.
Syvolap, Yu. M.
Чеботарь, Сабина Витальевна
Чеботар, Сабіна Віталіївна
Citation: Бюллетень Никитского ботанического сада
Issue Date: 2002
Keywords: Ukraine
winter soft wheat
microsatellite markers
Series/Report no.: ;Вып. 85.
Abstract: South of Ukraine has traditionally been the main grain producer of the most important grain crop - winter soft wheat. This region accounts for about a third of the annual grain production in the country. Scientific-based selection of soft wheat in Ukraine began about 80 years ago. During this time in As a result of selection, the grain yield increased on average from 2.37 t / ha in 1912 - 1922 to 6.7 t / ha in the 1980s (Lііуіпепко еі аі., 2001). The study of genetic diversity, the characterization of using microsatellite analysis will allow for accurate identification of varieties, estimate the level of genetic variability in the pool of Ukrainian soft wheat. Identification of the genotype of the variety is important for registration of varieties and protection of copyrights of originators. Seed certification is also includes identification of varieties and determination of genetic homogeneity of consignments of seeds. Currently, one of the most effective and informative methods of studying and characterizing genetic material is microsatellite analysis. The purpose of this work was to study germplasm of Ukrainian wheat, the creation of a database reflecting the molecular-genetic characteristics of soft wheat varieties T. acemum L. using microsatellite markers. An analysis of the frequency distribution of alleles of microsatellite loci in a genetic pool Ukrainian varieties of soft wheat.
Other Identifiers: УДК 633.11:577.21
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